Monday, August 04, 2003

The *real* HULK : Punch-Drunk Love! 

Rented Punch-Drunk Love two nights ago - again drawn in by the reference on the back of the box to rage. Not just uncontrolled rage either, but a steely semi-controlled one. Saw this movie and absolutely loved it. Deals quite maturely with the violence of humiliation, the violence of loneliness, and the way that love - unlike the inverted and stereotypical manner it represses action in The HULK - actually releases rage and motivates action. Yeah!

A friend of mine recently held a radio talk show discussing Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. which is about how lazy parasitic people use all kinds of rackets to chip away at ambitious and independent inventors/builders/entrepreneurs. Sandler's Barry Egan is that hard-working person; who eventually discovers, through love, how rage can be channeled so very nicely to fight back against all those people. So so so nicely. It turns out that Barry is as cool as chocolate pudding.

"Despite its title, Punch-Drunk Love is never heavy-handed. The jabs it employs are short, carefully placed and dead-center." ~ Mike Clark, USA TODAY.

It feels good to watch this movie, and it reveals to the way that love motivates in a much more interesting light than The HULK did.


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