Tuesday, July 22, 2003

The Real Responsibilities of a Really Respectable Writer. (Part 1 of ?) 

A little bit about myself: I'm in the Vancouver Film School for advanced writing for film and television. I struggle through it, struggle around it, and struggle trying to find anyone to do justice to the words. Often, in the VFS, it's hard to even find someone to appreciate it as art and not opinion. Once they got you by your opinion, it's game over.

What I don't struggle with is my writing. I'm able to stay far ahead of the curve and very on top in regards to content. Yes, I'm boasting here. If you think I'm full of shit then log on to KickAssScripts.com, read some of my work, and tell me just how wrong you think I am.

Either way, this is a blog about what I think writers need to focus on. First, let's find some motivation for the things we do. Simply put, a writer, or any kind of artist, is looking for an audience. The money and fame and snorting coke with groupies in the hot tub rate a close second; but I think most of us would continue to do what we do so long as we thought there'd be an audience.

Essentially writing is the overlap between performance and structure. We make the moment last, well, for as long as possible. The story that begins in our head, plays itself out eventually in a larger scale for an audience. Am I boring you yet?

Okay, so what's the difference between good and bad writers? It's not the audience, nor their reaction; it's the ability of the storyteller to get their story out and on paper in as honestly a way as possible. Again, we're going to be talking about honesty.

(to be continued)

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