Friday, June 20, 2003

Who am I? 

I'm a 38 year old Canadian struggling writer. If you want some links, you can also find my scriptwriting stuff here, my poetry here, and my political theory here. Here is my bio (spun) and here is what I'm really like.

Right now I'm in the Vancouver Film School's writing program, so I'm getting a shit's eye view of the birds. I'm dark, cynical, depressed; and probably should be doing anything but trying to break into the entertainment business (the worst people at giving advise are those who desperately want to). I guess that it's anger that propels me down this sick path. Much of the work I see appeals to the audience to like the writer; I'm not too sure that I give a damn anymore what most people think of me. As I've learnt from Ivana Chubbuck's class years ago; there are thousands of ways to "drop out of a scene". One of the most effective ways - and what annoys me more than anything else - is dishonesty: when people are afraid to express or understand themselves courageously. This whole media thing seems to attract that kind of energy nowadays in our artificial society. Spielberg (Minority Report), Shyamalan (Signs), Raimi (Spider-Man), Scorsese (Gangs of New York), Jonze (Adaptation) seem to be leading the charge in making movies that really have more to do with showing us all the reasons that *they* love them rather than showing us ourselves. It's an arrogance that seems to work well for the industry to make money and keep us coming back for more. Granted it's a fine line trying to divorce ourselves from our work, but in the end this mentality of "falling in love" with the artist over the art is short-term and unproductive.

I recently took a course from Stephen Simon about, what he calls, Spiritual Cinema. I thought that it would be something along the lines of Movies that Motivate, in that in order to appeal to the soul (spirit) it would need to penetrate the clinging and fetishizing that is so obvious and destructive. Stephen produced the movie "What Dreams May Come"; a long time favorite of mine, so I thought that the theme of letting go would surface in his workshop. It did, yes, but along with a ton of other new-age icons, idol worshipping, fear, and misplaced beliefs. I posted some of my comments to their discussion board. You can read them here.

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