Monday, June 30, 2003

Matrix Reloaded 

Just a real quick one - to keep Matt happy.

Matrix Reloaded, what the hell is this movie about? I dunno. Watching it I felt like I was back in calculus class, about three weeks behind, and facing exams. I usually have no problem with movies talking down to me, so long as it's reasonable; but the Matrix Reloaded (when was it unloaded?) really really really places itself as super-duper self-important.... except, of course, for the real stupid fight/chase scenes. Well, anyway, who cares? Not me so much, so now I'll blast away blogging the film in my mind which was probably a lot better than the real deal.

I'm a gonna guess that the theme was set up with the only good line early in the whole two hours, when Morpheus says something like "the reason why we're here is not because we always obey the rules" or something like that (it wasn't that good anyway.) In the climax, the television room scene shows that there are probably at least a thousand different outcomes for every decision we make. If five or six of these outcomes will be horrible, then we need to accept the odds and continue on. If we remain paralyzed waiting for the perfect alignment of everything; we'll never get anything done. So go ahead, and try, something, anything; for without the freedom to screw up, what do you got to loose that's so scary great anyway?

So that's the motivation behind the Matrix Reloaded, I'm guessing. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong - but at least I tried.

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