Sunday, June 29, 2003

Charlie's Angles & 28 Days. 

I recently got an invitation to submit a movie review to one of the local weekly newspapers - Terminal City; so yesterday I went to see both Charlie’s Angles and 28 Days in hopes of having something interesting to say about one of them. Well, sorry, neither offers much except for an uncanny ability to be uncontroversial, slick, and shallow... so I'm going to just lump them together here.

Charlie’s Angles is kinda fun to watch, but the characters seem to find each other a lot cuter/funnier/more interesting than the action suggests. Also, the rules of their world don't hold true, and I was constantly dropping out of the story to try to figure out the changing virtual landscape. Sometimes a person can cheat gravity, or death; and other times not. All in all, I did what most are supposed to do - picked my favorite angel (Lucy), ignored everything but her posing sexy for the camera, and wasted money.

After the angles, I snuck into 28 Days, which I hoped would be more my style. It's directed by the same guy who made Trainspotting – yay - but involves his partner in crime from that horribly wrong "The Beach" disaster. Well, it seems that they've grown up a little, but not yet all the way. Again, the rules of the world shift, and the themes were vague. I think it has something to do with everything must pass, even evil; and the best course of action is to be patient. Perhaps. But overall what I felt after it ended was more like wanting to kill every single panhandler between the theater and my home.

These are the kinds of movies that don't really say anything, but instead scream: "Look at Me!" Well, okay, I did; so what? Why bother? Trying to take them seriously makes being a film critic seem quite idiotic.

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